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Anuja Wickramasingha - 14 Feb 2024

More than just Roses : Mental Health Benefits of Celebrating Love and Connection

Love is a powerful emotion that can fill your heart and make you feel overwhelmed with joy. However, it only takes a small, non-negotiable reason for it to crumble. Some say that love is blind, but I believe it is like a thin glass that can shatter even with the slightest impact. You need to handle it with care and be cautious, as it is easy to start a romantic relationship, but it is difficult to maintain it. The key is maintenance.

As previously mentioned, love is a feeling that can help ease stress and improve mental health. Therefore, everyone needs to experience it. But how do you sustain it? How does it contribute to enhancing your mental well-being? Do you have any plans for maintaining your relationship?

It's important to celebrate your connection with your partner regularly, not just on Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or birthdays. Every moment spent together is worth celebrating, so don't limit yourself to specific dates. Your relationship is worth celebrating every moment of your life. To help you celebrate your love, we've listed a few moments that you can cherish and some ways to strengthen your bond. By doing so, you'll not only keep your relationship healthy, but you'll also improve your mental wellbeing.

Take a walk: In today's technological world, stress is inevitable. Take a break from it all and go for a walk with your partner. Have a simple conversation with them, plan your future. Who knows, it might strengthen your bond even more. All relationships depend on conversations, so a little walk might be a solution for your stressed mind and damaged relationship. While walking, you can also find a place to have coffee or enjoy a beautiful view. Simply enjoy the moment. Celebrating does not mean showing off; it comes from your heart. Every moment you spend together is worth celebrating, so always try to make your partner feel appreciated and loved.

Take a break and rest: Take a break from your monotonous life and enjoy a moment to savour life, not only with your partner but also with your family and friends. This is the next step of your simple walks.

Celebrate little achievements: Celebrate small achievements in your profession and relationship with your partner. These celebrations don't need to be extravagant; even a cupcake is enough. The size doesn't matter; what matters is how you approach it. Love is a strange feeling where little things become significant. Celebrating every little achievement as a couple also gives more confidence to both of you to do better.

Express your love and let your partner feel it: A love affair is all about understanding. If your partner feels that you are always thinking about them, it would be the greatest feeling ever. The phrase "I Love You" might be enough. Give one rose and let your partner feel it a thousand times. One rose could make your love unique.

Be unique, be understanding, and always respect your partner's passions. Simple gifts or simple memories are always enough to seize the moment. Enjoy every moment together; keep your digital devices away and spend some time with your partner. According to a research conducted in 2014 , saying "I love you" and "Thank you" receive much more appreciation than gifts in a relationship. So, if you get the chance, without any reason, say that you love and celebrate it. There is no other feeling like valuing your partner more than they think.

Here are a few other moments that you can use to celebrate and be together in a relationship.

  • Have a date night
  • Watch a movie / Attending a concert
  • Have a dance
  • Work as a couple on an enjoyable project.(eg: Cook something together.)
  • Write a letter/poem
  • Helping to needed one

If you decide to have a relationship with anyone, always keep in mind that you are not alone. You have responsibilities, so be responsible. Commit to your responsibilities, both in your profession and in your relationship. John M. Gottman, a renowned researcher and psychologist specializing in relationships, suggests that for each negative interaction, it takes five positive interactions to counteract its detrimental effects. Celebrating simple things in a love affair could help build positive attitudes in your mind. Anger, frustration, and stress can dissipate, and you can avoid ego clashes by respecting each other. A smiling face and a happy heart create a complete person. A stress-free mind will lead you to a successful life.

In conclusion, love is meant to bring happiness, but it requires effort and commitment to maintain it. Celebrate every moment, big or small, with your partner, and cherish the memories you create together.

So, seize the moment!

Anuja Wickramasingha

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