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Vichakshana Abeyrathna - 24 Mar 2024

Does Scrolling Lead to Sinking? - Part III

Examining the Link between Social Media and Mental Health

Thinuri Senarath Yapa - 17 Mar 2024

Parenting for Mental Wellbeing

Prioritizing mental well-being by adopting strategies and nurturing positive family dynamics, is not only essential for parents but also for the holistic development of their children.

Amashani Herath - 03 Mar 2024

Music and Sleep : Myth vs Reality

Listening to music before bedtime offers a multifaceted approach to promoting better sleep. While music can be beneficial for sleep, not all music is conducive to relaxation and sleep.

Megha Das - 28 Feb 2024

Family expectations : The Hidden Toll on Student Mental Health.

Families tend to play a key role in impacting our mental health, especially in the teenage years as a student. A lot of times, family expectations are disguised as well meaning intentions.

Vichakshana Abeyrathna - 26 Feb 2024

Does Scrolling Lead to Sinking? - Part II

Have you ever felt that you are being influenced by social media in your day-to-day actions, reactions, or decisions?

Morgan Odhiambo - 21 Feb 2024

Shining a Light on Mental Health in the African Region

Even though there is an increasing demand for mental health services in Africa, many African communities are still grappling with stigma and neglect when it comes to mental health.

Vichakshana Abeyrathna - 28 Jan 2024

Does Scrolling Lead to Sinking? - Part I

Examining the Link between Social Media and Mental Health

Dinithi Abeywardane - 20 Jan 2024

Can "Squad Goals" Save You? : How deep Friendships shield us from Mental Health Struggles

We admit that every challenge is a test of faith and that overcoming it will bring us the greatest reward. But isn't it blissful to have a friend with whom to share all of them?

Sid Ray - 13 Jan 2024

From Fear to Freedom : Distinguishing Social Anxiety

Being shy or introverted is only one aspect of social anxiety disorder and it is characterized by an intense fear of being looked down upon, inspected, or embarrassed in public.

HealLift - 05 Dec 2023

Mental Health Awareness in Education

Here we dig a little deeper into mental health education since it is now a significant component in the world.