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Sandumini Nimashi - 20 Mar 2024

Trauma & Triggers in Intimate Relationships : Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Part II

Here we discuss the effects of trauma and triggers on intimate relationships, dissecting how carrying unresolved trauma into such bonds profoundly alters the dynamics between partners.

Thinuri Senarath Yapa - 17 Mar 2024

Parenting for Mental Wellbeing

Prioritizing mental well-being by adopting strategies and nurturing positive family dynamics, is not only essential for parents but also for the holistic development of their children.

Megha Das - 28 Feb 2024

Family expectations : The Hidden Toll on Student Mental Health.

Families tend to play a key role in impacting our mental health, especially in the teenage years as a student. A lot of times, family expectations are disguised as well meaning intentions.

Anuja Wickramasingha - 14 Feb 2024

More than just Roses : Mental Health Benefits of Celebrating Love and Connection

Love is a feeling that can help ease stress and improve mental health. But how do you sustain it? How does it contribute to enhancing your mental well-being? Do you have any plans for maintaining your relationship?

Dinithi Abeywardane - 20 Jan 2024

Can "Squad Goals" Save You? : How deep Friendships shield us from Mental Health Struggles

We admit that every challenge is a test of faith and that overcoming it will bring us the greatest reward. But isn't it blissful to have a friend with whom to share all of them?