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Umesha Mathugama - 22 Apr 2024

Mental Health and Financial Wellness

Money, being a most dependent element of current lifestyle, this article will explore the linkage between financial stress and mental health and there on how companies could help the financial well-being of their employees.

Chalani Venushka - 09 Apr 2024

Nurturing Mental Wellness in Remote Work Settings

Remote work offers flexibility and convenience, but there are significant challenges for mental health that come with this territory.

Vichakshana Abeyrathna - 24 Mar 2024

Does Scrolling Lead to Sinking? - Part III

Examining the Link between Social Media and Mental Health

Sandumini Nimashi - 20 Mar 2024

Trauma & Triggers in Intimate Relationships : Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Part II

Here we discuss the effects of trauma and triggers on intimate relationships, dissecting how carrying unresolved trauma into such bonds profoundly alters the dynamics between partners.

Thinuri Senarath Yapa - 17 Mar 2024

Parenting for Mental Wellbeing

Prioritizing mental well-being by adopting strategies and nurturing positive family dynamics, is not only essential for parents but also for the holistic development of their children.

Anuja Wickramasingha - 14 Mar 2024

How Team Sports Boost Mental Wellbeing in Teens

Team sports could provide with teens with good personalities to the society, and they'll always try to change the world to a better place. You may not win, but it will ultimately guide you toward success.

Dewmini Matharage - 06 Mar 2024

Colour Your Mood : How the Colours you wear impact your Emotions

The colours we choose to wear play a significant role in shaping our emotions and influencing our moods. Understanding how colours can affect our emotions is essential for creating a harmonious balance in our daily lives.

Amashani Herath - 03 Mar 2024

Music and Sleep : Myth vs Reality

Listening to music before bedtime offers a multifaceted approach to promoting better sleep. While music can be beneficial for sleep, not all music is conducive to relaxation and sleep.

Megha Das - 28 Feb 2024

Family expectations : The Hidden Toll on Student Mental Health.

Families tend to play a key role in impacting our mental health, especially in the teenage years as a student. A lot of times, family expectations are disguised as well meaning intentions.

Vichakshana Abeyrathna - 26 Feb 2024

Does Scrolling Lead to Sinking? - Part II

Have you ever felt that you are being influenced by social media in your day-to-day actions, reactions, or decisions?