Healing begins when you choose to take care of yourself and begin to self-love

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Morgan Odhiambo - 21 Feb 2024

Shining a Light on Mental Health in the African Region

Even though there is an increasing demand for mental health services in Africa, many African communities are still grappling with stigma and neglect when it comes to mental health.

Anuja Wickramasingha - 14 Feb 2024

More than just Roses : Mental Health Benefits of Celebrating Love and Connection

Love is a feeling that can help ease stress and improve mental health. But how do you sustain it? How does it contribute to enhancing your mental well-being? Do you have any plans for maintaining your relationship?

Thinuri Senarath Yapa - 10 Feb 2024

Thriving, Not Just Surviving : A Guide to Living a Fulfilled Life with Bipolar Resilience

Bipolar Disorder is a psychological-psychiatric condition impacting an individual's mood, energy, concentration,and ability to carry out daily activities. Here we talk about the things you can do to ease the situation.

Dr. Akriti Singh - 07 Feb 2024

Sweat it Out, Stress Less : How Physical Activity Impacts Cognitive Function and Brain Health

Regular exercise is closely intertwined with brain health. Engaging in regular exercise and sustaining good health are among the most effective measures to optimize the body's performance.

Dewmini Matharage - 03 Feb 2024

Body Positivity & Inclusivity

For too long, the fashion industry has perpetuated narrow and often unattainable beauty standards, resulting negative impacts on people's self-esteem and mental well-being, contributing to body image issues and low self-confidence.

Sandumini Nimashi - 01 Feb 2024

The Invisible Scars : Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - Part I

Imagine a scenario where you find yourself in a situation that shakes you to your core−a moment of shock, fear, or danger. PTSD is a mental health challenge that can arise in some individuals who have undergone or witnessed a traumatic event.

Vichakshana Abeyrathna - 28 Jan 2024

Does Scrolling Lead to Sinking? - Part I

Examining the Link between Social Media and Mental Health

Amashani Herath - 24 Jan 2024

Why Vacations are a must for your Mental Health

Apparently, choosing the right kind of vacation can amplify psychological benefits. Taking a break from the daily grind becomes more than a luxury—it becomes a necessity for our mental well-being.

Dinithi Abeywardane - 20 Jan 2024

Can "Squad Goals" Save You? : How deep Friendships shield us from Mental Health Struggles

We admit that every challenge is a test of faith and that overcoming it will bring us the greatest reward. But isn't it blissful to have a friend with whom to share all of them?

Anuja Wickramasingha - 17 Jan 2024

From Failure to Triumph : Life's Resilience with the movie "12th Fail"

Have you ever considered how it feels to lose after putting in so much effort? Until you've experienced it, you may not understand.